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Early last year, Gateway to Learning partnered with an organization called Doors Open Dishes headed by Nicole Schnitzler. Nicole’s brother attends Gateway to Learning, and she wanted to use her talents and her connections in the food industry to support organizations like ours that support her brother. Through Doors Open Dishes, she partners an organization with a local restaurant and chef to create a spectacular dish that not only raises funds but also raises awareness. Ms. Schnitzler matched Gateway to Learning with Chef Christian Ragano and Cindy’s Rooftop at the Chicago Athletic Association.

The inspiration for the dish was her own brother and his unique taste in food - in particular, frozen mixed vegetables with parmesan cheese. Chef Ragano came to Gateway to Learning to meet her brother and take the time to learn more about him as a person and the food that he enjoys. From that meeting, Chef Ragano created a Chicken Milanese dish which they featured on their menu at Cindy’s Rooftop. A portion of the sales from the dish during the month of September came to Gateway to Learning.

News of this amazing and inspirational event coordinated by Ms. Schnitzler reached NBC’s Today Show in New York. They wanted to feature Ms. Schnitzler, Chef Ragano, and Gateway to Learning during the week of Thanksgiving in a segment showing how food does good in our communities. On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, the segment aired.

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We are eternally grateful to Ms. Schnitzler, Chef Ragano, all of the staff at Cindy’s Rooftop and Chicago Athletic Association, as well as the producers at the Today Show. The positive impact of the event is still being felt today.

Watch the segment here: The Today Show

John Ratzenberger