Gerry Hennelly Returns to Gateway’s Board of Directors

GAH Prof photo.jpg

Here is an interesting Gateway historical tidbit.  Gerry Hennelly was on the GTL Board of Directors from 2003 to 2007 prior to his wife, Cheryl’s appointment to executive director.  He attended his first Gateway dinner dance in 1987 while he was dating Cheri.  Since 1987 and up until his board appointment, Gerry has worked on the sidelines making sure that Gateway was the best it could be and function as a viable center for the Gateway community.  His top priority was to see that participants would have a safe and comfortable place to come together and grow.  Working on the sidelines meant ensuring all the repairs got done so that people could focus on the day-to-day operations.

Fast forward to February 2018.  Gerry accepts the Board of Directors’ invitation to apply for a board appointment.  In Gerry’s words, “In order to carry on the legacy that Dorothy Hough and Cheri created, I decided that I would again serve Gateway as a board member.  As Cheri did, my daughter Samantha, and my son Patrick, and I cherish the mission and the passion on which Gateway was built, and I want to keep it alive.”

With unanimous approval, he became a board member and wasted no time in making a significant contribution by taking on the responsibilities of Board Treasurer.  Welcome back, Gerry.  Your leadership is a gift to Gateway! 

John Ratzenberger