A Person You Should Know: Lydia Bryant

Lydia Bryant.png

She came on the Gateway scene like a lit-up firecracker with a vision and a heart to make learning enjoyable and exciting for GTL participants. Her name is Lydia Bryant and she is the new Program Specialist with a background in recreational therapy.  She’s full of ideas and possibilities for lifelong learning. Having invested nearly five years in exercising her talents and skills in training adults with DO-Abilities, Lydia comes well-equipped to enhance the GTL person-centered program curriculum.

Her training mission is two-fold:  1) Give participants choices based on their personal interests and what they can do, and 2) provide person-centered learning goals and individualized plans to meet their unique training needs. Within the three months that she has been at Gateway to Learning, Lydia has gotten to know the participants, choreographed the holiday show, The Nutcracker, and has created and launched a “News and Current Events” program focusing on cognitive skills, human interests, and knowledge enhancement.  A Sports Club is already in the works and new curriculums of Art & Music, Self-Advocacy & Empowerment, and Health & Wellness will be added to the CHOICE enrichment groups in the coming months. These groups are designed to expand participants’ life experiences in addition to incorporating cognitive and motor skill learning.

What lies beneath this powerhouse professional is her stand for every citizen’s right to be happy. Lydia has found that happiness for adults with DO-Abilities is generated through playful learning. She has found a home for her life’s work at Gateway, influencing the possibilities of what our participants can become. Welcome, Lydia!


John Ratzenberger