Doing Good in the Neighborhood

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The mission of Gateway to Learning has several key words that guide the work done each day, words such as “lifelong learning”, and “active inclusion”. Being actively included in the community not only means visiting local businesses but being responsible members. On December 12th, a group of participants from Gateway to Learning headed out as engaged citizens of our community by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville.

Nearly 20 individuals from Gateway to Learning participated in measuring and packing food in containers. They LOVED being able to give back to their community. Through the training programs at Gateway to Learning, the volunteers already had the skills for proper and safe food handling. Ricky M. had a great time that day and tells staff that “it’s important to be nice to other people.”

On the day which they participated, volunteers packed 133 boxes which equated to 28,728 meals. Those meals will feed 79 children for an entire year.  To learn more about Feed My Starving Children, please visit

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John Ratzenberger